Monday, May 9, 2016

Freebie Time: Three Gathoxan Spells for your table

Today, I'd like to share some Gathoxan spells with you. There's a bit of simple reskinning, which gives you a a good nose-full for the game, and also some genuine invention. I don't fret about components and the like, but if you do, feel free to change these spells around as you see fit. Enjoy!

Cantrip: Filkenpfahler’s Flaming Finger  

Yeah, this is a thing.

This spell ignites a small (2”), hot flame on the end of the middle finger of the caster, which can only be used to start fires or flash a more potent version of the universal hand gesture. Lasts 1 round.

Level 1 - Arimena’s Deflector  

 It works like this . . . see . . .

This spell conjures a rotating half-globe of thin, crackling magical energy which can quickly move around the caster to intercept up to 3 +1/lvl attacks per round. The Deflector requires an incoming attack to first pass its own AC of 5 before rerolling the caster’s AC. Lasts 3 rounds.

Level 1 - Fur and Burdens  

 Step 1: magic. Step 2: put things on rabbit's head. Step 3: Worry for nothing.

This spell summons a spectral rabbit, 2’ in length, whose ears are folded upward to create a support platform. This rabbit will bear up to 100 lbs. /lvl of the caster, stacked one atop another in a seemingly precarious fashion yet never spilling an item. The rabbit can successfully leap gaps of up to 10’, and will always remain within 20’ of the caster. Lasts 3 turns +1 turn/lvl.