Sunday, January 17, 2016

Gathox Sessions #1 & #2 Play Report

Session #1:
The players receive a copy of the Kettle Daily Crier, a one-page print rag distributed amongst the ragtag populace of The Kettle neighborhood, which contains info on the weekly progress of gangs, known as Neighborhood Friendship Societies, as well as adverts for one-off jobs. The players choose to inquire with the Dohjak Neighborhood Friendship Society about a property they just won during an annual dance celebration.

The players visit the Dohjak Neighborhood Friendship Hall, having aligned with one another under dubious pretenses, and are contracted by the gummy, pin-eyed gang leader known as Mehlud the Splinter. The job requires the team to clear out a mud tower which has just erupted above the ruins of old Kamma Tower, which the Dohjaks now own. Various levels of reward are presented for goals.

The team conducted haphazard investigation about town, exploring the markets of The Dregs and generally staying out of excess trouble, before entering the Mudling Mansions. First, the team investigates the strange oil fountain in the foyer, planning to use it later to demolish the building. Then, sneaking around the corner, they manage to lose their Mentalist, the Cosmic Doctor and med school dropout known as Sergio, to a floor trap which lands him in the concrete industrial construct of the Blue Halls below.

The Take: Nothing.

Session #2:

Our intrepid entourage of entrepreneurs managed to rescue Sergio from the Blue Halls and begin their ascent of the Mudling Mansions. They battled through Vulzari chicken men and human thralls, ate glazed duck and fried gizzards, tumbled through antigravity, stole kitchen knives and surgical tools, and finally made their way to the top floor.
A grim shootout nearly took place between the Vulzari, led by foreman Relka, and the party, when newcomer Steve the Psychic reversed the tide of fate with a well placed 'Cao Ma's Holy Obedience' spell. The party captured Relka for return to the Dohjaks, only to face near destruction by a human thrall suicide bomber guarding a strange, spiky box. The remainder of the party managed to descend to the 2nd floor ladder window with their captive, attaining the street below and selling their wares.

The Casualties:

*Porter and hopeless loser, Duncan 'Coconut' Green, who died by Vulzari Revolver in the anti-gravity chamber.
*Vaclav the Newsie Porter, who died in the suicide bombing.
*The mutant known as Jeremiah "Two-Toes" Lopez, who also died in the suicide bombing after taking heat from the Vulzari.
*Graham the atheist Street Preacher, who nearly died falling upward in the anti-gravity room and who later valiantly sacrificed himself while football tackling the suicide bomber, increasing the chances of survival for the rest of the party.


*Goron the Street Tough, who became known variously as Goron the Chaser, Goron the Skull Smasher, Goron the Eater of Glazed Duck, and Goron the Dungeon-Napper.

*Steve the Psychic, who is now identified in dungeon graffiti by #stevethepsychic .

*Amadeus' constant love of slitting throats with daggers, and his formulation of plans including this strategem.

*Sergio's unraveling of Vulzari lore.

The Take:

Seals, baubles, kitchen knives, and surgical tools totaling 708 gp;
7 dead Vulzari, 3 dead thralls, and one captured Foreman, totaling 440xp;
and 1 Vulzari artifact worth 750 xp.

Splitting the loot and xp evenly amongst the remaining party members, each will get:
475 xp
177 gp

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