Wednesday, April 5, 2017

ART POST: Approaching the city

Today, I'd like to share the first three illos for Gathox Vertical Slum, which are a series which involve approaching the city on the planet RED DEATH, which is the de facto setting for a Gathox game.

From a distance, as seen through the binoculars of a desert wanderer:

 And next, that same wanderer flanking the city as it slowly churns it's way across the sands:

And finally, our wanderer (on the left) enters through the Gate of Exploding Benevolence and into the vertical slum:

I hope you enjoy these, let me know what think!


  1. I just found this blog by way of The Secret DM. This is breathtaking. How far away is this setting from publication?

    1. We are about a month from completion! It's in layout as we speak! Sorry I didn't catch your comment earlier, but you can also check out the Gathox community on G+ to keep up with some extra development or join a game. Cheers!