Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gathox Deities: The Goddess Who Balances On Narrow Precipices

Given the progress of the new campaign I've been running, I thought it would be fun to make a quick post about one of the deities worshiped in Gathox. The players are all holed up, YMCA-style, at the Temple of Flex, which is dedicated to Ji'Gin'Jir.

The Goddess Who Balances On Narrow Precipices, or Ji'Gin'jir - Acrobats, bodybuilders, performers, and daredevils of many races worship The Goddess Who Balances On Narrow Precipices. She represents the power of the living body, the tenuousness of living amongst many deaths, and the triumph of will over inertia. Ji’Gin’Jir is said to preside over pageantry and games of risk, and to cast a hateful eye on sloth and indecision. Her grace is known by disasters averted and her wrath felt in the punishment of indebtedness. Her image is a mass of gymnasts intertwined, and her passage is known by the lingering stench of sweat.

Favor/ Disfavor: Prayer to Sha-Benyu before the performance of an extraordinary physical act may provide a 1% chance to improve the attempt by 1 die. Failure after the granting of this boon is punished by reduction of Dexterity by 1 point for the rest of the day.

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